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Drum Filters

Rotofilter™ Drum Filter - RF Series

RF Series

Rotofilter™ Drum Filter - RFM-IW Series

RFM-IW Series

Microscreen Rotofilter™

Solids filtration is crucial to any aquaculture or water treatment facility. Microstraining or screening is a cost-effective method of removing particulate matter from a liquid and is ideal for treating fish hatchery water.

The PR Aqua Rotofilter™ is a rotary microscreen drum filter that is very durable, reliable and very inexpensive to operate.

We manufacture two basic types of drum filters, the RFM model which has the steel drum enclosed in a fiberglass box or the RF model which is the frame model which is not housed but is mounted on a steel frame and is generally installed in a wet sump. The filters can be supplied with an automatic backwash system. They range in flows from about 20 gpm up to 7,600 gpm depending on pore size and total suspended solids.

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How It Works

The water to be filtered enters the inside of the screened drum. The water flows through the microscreen panels to the outside of the drum. The screened water flows out of the filter either through a piped outlet from the fiberglass box (RFM model) or into the wet sump where the frame model filter is installed. The screened solids collect on the inside of the drum and eventually blind off the panels. Once the panels start to blind off, the water level within the drum begins to rise and headloss across the filter increases until a set high level is reached. When this high level is reached a level switch triggers the automatic backwash pump and the drum motor which initiates drum rotation. The high pressure backwash pump will deliver clean water at 100 psi through nozzles on the supply header. The pressurized water sprays the screens as the drum rotates thereby removing particles from the panels into the solids trough and out to waste. As the screens clear, the water level within the drum drops until the normal operating water level is obtained. Drum rotation stops and the backwash pump shuts off. This cycle repeats at intervals that are dependent on the type and amount of solids being filtered and the pore size of the screens.

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  • Cost-effective solids removal system
  • Very inexpensive to operate
  • Low headloss, even when the screens are fouled
  • Precise, specifically-sized solids filtering system
  • Continuous filtering even during backwashing with no interruption in flow
  • Small footprint
  • Currently being used in a wide array of industries including: Aquaculture, Agriculture, Municipal wastewater treatment, Food processing, Landfill leachate control, and Power plants.


  • RF models available – metal frame model for installation in a wet sump
  • RFM models available – fully enclosed in a fiberglass box
  • RFM-IW models available – fully enclosed in a fiberglass box with an integral downstream weir
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel corrosion-resistant frame
  • Polyester fabric screens, available in sizes ranging from 11 to 89 microns (special sizes are available).
  • Custom stainless steel mesh screens are also available
  • Optional backwash pump that employs filtered water to clean screens, eliminating the need for a clean, pressurized water source
  • Automatic backwash initiated by water level and/or timer
  • Quick-change spray nozzles for easy maintenance
  • NEMA 4X enclosure for controls

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