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CO2 Removal/Aeration

CO2 Stripper and LHOToo much CO2 in your culture water interferes with the fish’s ability to take up oxygen, even if oxygen levels in your system are adequate. It will also cause the water to become acidic, especially if alkalinity is limited. Therefore, removal of excess CO2 is absolutely critical – especially in reuse and recirculating aquaculture systems.

You can achieve carbon dioxide removal and aeration of the water at the same time using PR Aqua’s forced-air carbon dioxide stripper.

How It Works

Water enters the vessel from the top and cascades inside the column. A blower sized specifically for the desired flow and CO2 removal forces fresh air across the water droplets which results is carbon dioxide being driven off and oxygen being absorbed until the dissolved gases are close to equilibrium with the air (saturation). The treated water drops into the header and is ready for distribution.


  • Uses air to strip elevated CO2 from culture water
  • Raises the O2 concentration to close to saturation levels without requiring pure oxygen addition
  • Can be used to reduce TGP
  • Can utilize excess elevation from FSB biofilter, reducing pumping requirements


  • Can be sized to suit any flow rate
  • Can be installed in any header tank or be supplied complete with an integral header tank
  • Can be combined with an LHO™ to form one low footprint oxygenating system
  • Optional mist eliminator will reduce spray
  • Can be connected to an exhaust duct system to fulfill building air exchange requirements

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