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VAKI Rotary Fish Graders

VAKI Rotary GraderThe VAKI Fish Grader is designed for high speed fish grading of small fish ranging in size from 0.2 g up to 200 g. The fish grader is capable of handling 25 to 6,000 Kg per hour. This fish grader is a circular design requiring a minimum of floor space and is very easy to operate. The VAKI rotary fish grader is currently available in two sizes, 96 cm and 140 cm diameter.

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How It Works

The VAKI rotary fish grader has a number of boxes which rotate within the unit. As each box passes over an outlet the grading gap (door) is automatically opened to a pre-selected size. These doors can be set from the fully closed position to a maximum opening of 50 mm. The fish are graded by thickness.


  • Requires less floor space for operation
  • Accurate grading from 0.2g to 200g
  • High capacity
  • Less stress on fish


  • Compact circular design
  • Fish remain in water at all times
  • 4 multidirectional grading outlets
  • Height adjustable
  • Integrated dewatering box
  • Adjustable inlet flow rate

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