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VAKI Biomass Counter

VAKI Biomest Scanner FrameThrough two decades of pioneering work with fish farming enterprises around the world, VAKI developed the Biomass Counter to meet some real needs of the industry. In a simple operation the Biomest frame gathers data on the average weight, size distribution, and the condition factor of a population of fish. The data enables farmers to plan their harvests and sales more accurately ensuring maximum prices and happy customers. Accurate biomass data can also improve feeding decisions and allows for improved monitoring of overall fish health and growth rates.

How It Works

The Biomest Scanner Frame is submerged in the pen. As a fish swims through the frame it interrupts a net of infrared light beams, the captured silhouette image of the fish is used to calculate its size. Accurate measurements are obtained with minimum effort and without any stress or injury to the fish. Although good measurements can be obtained in a few hours, generally the frame is left suspended in the pen for 12 – 24 hours: up to 5,000 fish can be measured depending on local conditions. In a simple operation, the Biomest frame gathers data on average weight, size distribution and the condition factor of the fish – in other words, fundamental data for the profitable operation of any aquaculture enterprise.

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  • Helps manage optimal feed utilization
  • Completely harmless and stress free to fish
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Constant survey of growth and condition
  • Improves planning of harvesting and sales


  • Constant monitoring of biomass and size distribution
  • Biomest Software provides for accurate data analysis of current biomass condition and predicted growth
  • Easy to read display unit
  • Optional Biomest handheld w/ Biomest CE
  • Bluetooth enabled

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